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Precise Simulation - Physics Simulation Made Easy
Precise Simulation - Physics Simulation Made Easy

Precise Simulation was established after two decades of developing both academic and commercial Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation software and noticing a real disconnect between software and users. That is, the frustration of having to choose between very complex and expensive closed source commercial software tools, or state-of-the-art but often even more difficult to use (or even manage to to compile, install, and run) academic and open source codes, with virtually nothing in between.

FEATool Multiphysics - Physics Simulation Toolbox

Simulation Toolboxes

The fundamental idea and goal of Precise Simulation is therefore to develop truly easy engineering and physics simulation software that everyone will be able to use right away. The long term vision is that software should be so intuitive and easy, that just playing around and having fun should be enough to learn how to set up and perform basic simulations (without having to read through any documentation at all).

FEATool Multiphysics

FEATool Multiphysics is a fully integrated mathematical modeling and CAE physics simulation platform. By combining a very easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) with state-of-the-art physics solvers and modeling tools such as FEniCS, Gmsh, OpenFOAM, ParaView, and SU2 enables anyone to use advanced solvers and simulation tools right away, which otherwise would take a days or even weeks to learn how to use. At the same time the FEATool software suite is fully programmable and extensible allowing experienced users to integrate physics models into their own workflows and build simulation apps using MATLAB and Python.

CFDTool - MATLAB Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Toolbox


CFDTool is a toolbox specifically designed to make heat transfer and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations easy to get started with. Based on the FEATool Multiphysics software platform, CFDTool features a simplified user interface and OpenFOAM GUI, which does not require understanding of the underlying mathematical equations, and enables users to immediately get started with flow modeling and fluid mechanics simulations.

Software Consulting

With extensive simulation and software development expertise Precise Simulation provides a wide range of custom solutions with rapid delivery for engineering and physics simulation problems, including

  • Mathematical modeling and simulation
    • Heat and mass transfer
    • Structural mechanics
    • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
    • Chemical and reaction engineering
  • Full-stack engineering software development for
    C/C++, Python, MATLAB, Fortran & Web
  • Expertise with state-of-the-art simulation software
    • FEATool Multiphysics & CFDTool
    • FEniCS, OpenFOAM, SU2
    • OpenCASCADE, Gmsh, ParaView, plotly
  • Custom simulation apps & user interfaces (GUI)
Precise Simulation Services - Physics Simulation Software Custom Development and Consulting


Precise Simulation is passionate about physics based computer simulation and continually strives to make it easier and more convenient to work with for engineers in industry as well as more enjoyable to learn and use for researchers, teachers, and students in engineering, physics, and mathematics.

Please don’t hesitate to if you have any questions or thoughts about physics simulation software, would like to have a custom physics application built, or is in need of modeling and consulting for your simulation project.

Please use the discussion forum for technical and
modeling questions.